What to Write for a First Time Blog???

Kia ora,  

Thank you for taking the time to be here.

Where does one start? What's on my mind? What am I doing here?...

Well I guess I could start with this website journey... which probably began 3 years ago, I know right ages... good things take time and they happen when the time is right, don't they lol. It started with Square Space then a move to Wix and now to the present a Shopify site.

I had arrived at a point of what next? How do I do this?... I sat on the fence for a couple of weeks, gave it some space, watched youtube, googled & still was having a brain meltdown.  Then while at the hardware I bumped into a friend Sarah @Dossier who's a web developer & offered her services .

The week after we had a brief and strategy, which I need to revisit... then worked out an e-commerce store would be a better solution for what I wanted to archive.

I was referred by Sarah to Sam @sjfmedia which lands us here with the development of Samuel Evans Photography NZ.

The last 4months has been a great learning curve, work flow optimising, selection, names, text, what colour, editing, social media, price, shipping, store policy, navigation of Shopify, spell check, sorting photos, prints, digital, paper stock, test prints...just to name a few aye. Oh also becoming a story teller and writing blogs such as this...something that takes me ages.

I know there will mistakes and a few bumps along the way, please bear with us as we work through those along the way. With practice and time we should only get better.

Take those obstacles and make them opportunities. 

Feels good to be here and still so much more to do and learn.

I'm very grateful for all the feedback help and support from all of you to get to this point.

This is my take on the world around me and places I've been. Capturing moments, energetic reproductions with photography to enhance our minds, computers, homes, offices & work spaces. Bringing the nature element to our lives, 

Thank you.